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I come from the school of hard knocks, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My parents divorced when I was 2 years old, so I know all too well how divorce can create limiting beliefs, issues and challenges.

Around 8 years old I came home to find my Mom in the hospital after she had been seriously electrocuted. The accident left her unable to walk for many years.

My Mom married an abusive alcoholic when I was 13. As a result I spent my fair share of time in government housing and women’s shelters.

When I was finishing high school and in University, my Mom was in and out of the hospital for a world of different illnesses that forced me to take care of myself in order to survive.

The life I have built for myself today is nothing compared to the life I came from.

My family circumstances acted as the tipping point for me to develop superior selling skills that opened a window of opportunity to completely change the trajectory of my life.

I never would have thought my selling skills would be a critical lifeline to pull me out of poverty. 

It is now one of my most soughtafter expertise.


Going bankrupt was the biggest failure of my life, and the BEST thing that ever happend to me!

In my mid-20s I ran a beauty spa that generated $50,000 in monthly revenues. But 3 years later our client base dried up, which resulted in failed partnerships, a mound of debt, and a heavy burden of guilt and shame.

Without that experience I probably would have never had the courage to confront my self-limiting beliefs or walk the path of personal development.

My formal training and hard-knock experience brought me new levels of awareness.

I consulted thousands of salespeople, sat at the VP round-table, and developed hundreds of sales leaders and executives for many of North America's Fortune 500 companies, including CIBC, Manulife, the Bank of Montreal, Pfizer, and Canadian Tire, to name a few. I'm able to spot challenges and roadblocks quickly. I’ve helped create strategies and training programs that has added millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

Burnout, loss of fulfillment, loss of purpose — after a great run consulting corporate giants, I completely lost my passion for work.

At the end of the day I felt I had been sucked dry. My passion got reduced to 3 letters: ROI.

Rolling out companywide training and development programs was no longer serving me. I was forced to learn how to confront my fears, connect with my intuition and pay attention to my body. It is a working battle every day.

It is within my transition process that I started to heal, setting into motion my commitment to uplift as many women as possible with the  skills to gain confidence, defy stereotypes, and shatter their glass ceilings.

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Although I have almost a decade of formal training under my belt, my education combined with my REAL LIFE experience are the crux of my know-how to increase human performance in sales and leadership.

Along the way I met my husband, my soul mate and business partner.

At the same time as I was running my own business, I was his right arm when he started his company: The BearStar Group. Together, with my knowledge of business operations we grew that company into a multi 7-figure business in less than 18 months.

And though our 15-year marriage so far has had many hard hits — multiple bankruptcies, houses wrecked by floods; the type of hits most couples don’t recover from — we’ve been able to come out stronger.

We currently live in our dream home in the heart of one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto, overlooking a lake with our two dogs along with a vacation home in Miami.

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Investing in real estate is one of our strategies for creating wealth and financial independence.

I live a life I love that is full of abundance.

A life that I worked my butt off for and one that I never take for granted. But just like everyone else, I still suffer through challenges and I’m always tested. I could not get to where I am now without support.


That’s why no matter WHO you are, WHAT your story is, or WHERE you come from... nothing would give me more fulfillment than to teach YOU how to be savvy in business, build wealth with real estate and live your dreams.

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Develop Yourself & Anything is Possible!