Hi, I'm Sophie.
Entrepreneur, Mentor &
Real Estate Investor


Empowering you to break barriers, defy stereotypes and shatter records.

There's nothing that gives me more joy than to see you be SAVVY in business and HAPPY in life.

For over 2 decades I have consulted thousands of executives and salespeople for many of North America’s Fortune 500 Companies.

I come from humble beginnings and have accomplished the unexpected. I’ve worked with corporate giants and entrepreneurs, built my own profitable businesses and have purchased many investment properties.

I could not get to where I am now without support.


Develop Yourself & Anything is Possible

I will look at the BIG picture AND the small details and give you extra support.”

Investing in self-help books and generic business courses can only get you so far in getting the results you want.  Not only will I help you see your blind spot….

I will teach you SPECIFIC, PROVEN tools, skills, and strategies to:

LEAD, Scale, FUND, Influence, NEGOTIATE,
Speak & GROW!

—Danny Clement, President, Home Loans CIBC

“I have had the pleasure working with Sophie for the last few years as a sales coach and consultant. She has an impressive ability to identify “what matters” with each of our people and then uses that to motivate for improved performance. She has worked brilliantly with our front line, middle management and director levels. Since hiring Sophie, we have witnessed unprecedented sales volume growth. She is inspiring, intuitive and relentless.”
— Michelle Brown, Regional Vice President at CIBC


Success Depends on WHO YOU ARE...
where you Come From!

If you have a business opportunity, are looking for mentoring or want to build financial independence... please reach out.

I didn’t always have the life I have now. I built it and now I want to share everything I know with you.

I am committed that you develop yourself into the business person and human being you know you are MEANT to be.